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Activities - Things To Do In & Around Malelane

Golfing in Malelane

There are two world renowned golf courses a short drive from Mbili Villa, for more information visit our Golfing page.

Malelane (small lala palms)

Officially established on 6 July 1949 this fast growing town situated in this delightful part of the country, has two large supermarkets and a variety of shops can be found at the "Inkwazi Shopping Centre" ( There is also a selection of fast food and restaurants in the vicinity together with various service outlets.

Inkwazi Shopping Centre Malelane   Sugar Cane - Malelane

Sugar Cane Country

The Sugar Industry, which was established in 1965, had a great impact on the economy of Malelane. Up to this time it was still a village with a total of 320 people and a primary school for 105 scholars. According to an aerial photograph, taken in 1964, there were only 23 buildings or structures in and around the town, including a hotel, two banks, two filling stations, two shops and four churches.

Malelane Sugar Cane Fields

Sugar Cane Fields

The erection of the sugar mill, between 1965 and 1967, meant that TSB (Transvaal Suiker Beperk) had to provide housing for their workers. There were no houses in Malelane to buy or to rent and TSB had to undertake the building of 70 homes in the town. Facilities for sport and recreation had to be made available. The factory’s personnel were housed close to the mill in its own little town known as Mhlathi Kop.

Kruger National Park (Malalane Gate)

This world-renowned park was proclaimed in 1926, when the Sabie Game Reserve and the Shingwedzi Reserve were consolidated. President Paul Kruger was told about the rapid destruction of wildlife in the area, and succeeded to persuade the Transvaal parliament to establish a wildlife protected area between the Sabie and Crocodile rivers, which opened to the public in 1927.

Leopard - photo ©

In later years, many areas to the north were added to the original park, increasing the size to over 2 million hectares. Areas in Mozambique and Zimbabwe will be added to the Kruger National Park, to be named the "The Great Limpopo Cross Border Park".

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